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Links to Tools for use in archiving QA

Listed below are a number of applications that staff have found useful for gather process work.

Please note that they may not be compatible with your browser or operating system and that we cannot guarantee any of them nor accept any liability, nor advise on their usage. Please check the websites listed for copyright or other liabilities that may be incurred before using/downloading.

Gathering Tools

HTTrack website copier

This is the gatherer that is used in the back end of PANDAS. You can download a desktop version to do test gathers and for practice using filters etc.

Shockwave Flash tools and Hex editors (for editing flash files)

Shockwave Flash Link Tool

SWF editor developed by Alex from the National Library of Australia. It extracts the editable links from SWF files making them easy to find and edit. It also decrompresses the file at the same time. Note however that it may not work on all swf files, in which case you will need to resort to a HEX editor.

Flash capture

For gathering flash files.


This tool allows you to decompress and then recompress your swf files for ease of editing.

Cygnus Hex editor

There is a freeware early version 1.0. and a later version (2.5) that is commercially available.

HHD Hex Editor

Another hex editor which offers a free basic version and a commercial full version.


Firefox add-ons


Very useful application which displays js and css files, toggle between the archived site and the live site to compare js files in operation


This application puts a button in the bottom right of your browser, and when clicked will offer to save any embedded video files on the page you are viewing.

Web developer

Displays and makes editable css files, indicates missing images and displays javascript as well as other useful functions.


General tools

Sophisticated Rename

Free tool that allows for the mass conversion of file types (i.e when the gatherer has made all your pdf's html, use this to convert them all quickly back to pdf).


Digital Filename Editor

Another Shareware applicaton that you can use to do batch renaming of files including replacing characters in file names.



Very useful free file converting tool, turn your .flv file into a .mpg.



Allows you to quickly check links without having to click on them. It simply generates a temporary preview screen that allows you to check link integrity without having to use the back button. Works in both Firefox and IE.