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Electronic Resources Cataloguing Manual

2nd Edition



Cataloguing - General

Cataloguing - Monographs

Cataloguing - Serials and Integrating Resources

Cataloguing - Collections


Monograph = a resource that is complete in one part or intended to be completed within a finite number of parts.

Serial = a continuing resource issued in a succession of discrete parts, usually bearing numbering, that has no intended conclusion. Examples include online journals, e-mags, monographic series and annual reports.

Integrating resource = a resource that is added to or changed by means of updates that do not remain discrete but are integrated into the whole. Can be finite or continuing. Include updating web sites here.

Collection = a group of electronic resources (monographs, serials or integrating) sharing a common theme or based around an event, selected for presentation as a collection in the Archive to enhance user resource discovery and management of the Archive. Catalogued at the collection level only.